It would do you good to stop for a while, to rest and refresh. We recommend walking. So, let's walk together. We'll show you our town which will, for certain, stay in your memory forever.
The name of Senj, SENIA, is recorded in many historical books dealing with science, culture and art. It has always been mentioned as an example of brave fight against all conquerors.

THE TERRITORY OF SENJ occupies the area of 658 square kilometers with the population of 8.500. 6.000 people reside in the town itself.
The rims of its territory run along the 60 km long sea-coast, which offers you numerous bays and beaches with transparent sea, and 40 km along the Mountain Velebit.
And now THE TOWN. You'll certainly get to like Senj, not only because of its beautiful Fortress Nehaj built in 1558 to protect its citizens from the Turkish and Venetian attacks, but because of its charming squares, narrow streets and towers, as well. You'll be hearty welcomed by the citizens of Senj who are known for their hospitality and good- mood.

The City Museum and the exhibition of Sacral Art will reveal you many secrets from the long history of Senj starting from the Paleolithic up to the recent war.
But, there is no reason not to enjoy its present days, especially during The Summer Carnival at the beginning of August. You'll be forced to stay for a couple of days so that you can have a swim in clear sea-water and relax in the plentiful of fresh air and sun. Only then, being fully refreshed, you can continue your way towards your destination whether it is Zagreb (165 km);The Plitvice Lakes ( 90 km); Zadar (154 km ) or one of the two islands Krk or Rab.
But, there is more to come!
It would be a shame not to mention the beauties of the Mountain Velebit, especially its northern part which is right here, within the reach of your hand, or better to say within the reach of your wheels and feet. The name of the village Krasno, which means Beautiful, speaks for itself.            

Down there, at the bottom of the mountain slope, where Velebit kisses the Adriatic Sea, are some little, quiet places which, because of their heavenly peace, attract tourists from big towns and cities who are seeking complete and ultimate rest. These places are:
Sv. Juraj, Lukovo, Klada, Starigrad, Jablanac, Prizna and many others.

(SOURCE: official site of town Senj)


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